Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Honda CR-V Car Review 2014 New model

Honda Cars India Ltd. have announced an overall growth of 83 per cent in sales from April 2013 to February 2014.  In all, 1,15,913 cars were sold as compared to the 63,439 units sold during the corresponding period last year.

The Japanese carmaker sold 14,543 units in February this year as against 6,510 cars delivered in the same month, last year showing a hike of 123 per cent in sales. These include 1,235 units of the Brio, 6,030 units of the compact sedan Amaze and 7,213 units of the premium sedan City. The company sold 65 units of the sports utility vehicle, the CRV. Considering exports, 252 cars were sold out of India in February. 

Jnaneswar Sen, Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd., said, “We are happy to see the huge demand for the all-new Honda City which has gained the leadership position in its segment from the first month itself. The deliveries for the Petrol City have begun from February and with both our car manufacturing plants in operation, it will aid in quick delivery of cars and cater to the strong demand from our customers. The excise duty reduction announced during Interim budget last month has made all our cars even more attractively priced for our customers.”

Honda has a good reason to celebrate considering such a huge boost in sales when other manufacturers have been seeing a decline in sales numbers. Ever since the Honda Amaze was launched in April last year, the demand for the car went increasing leading to soaring sales figures for the manufacturer. The introduction of the fourth-generation Honda City has shown a good response, adding to the manufacturer’s reprise. We expect this to continue for Honda with the addition of the new Jazz and the Mobilio. The Mobilio will be launched later on this year, while the Jazz will only come to us next year.

Honda CR-V Review

The 2007 Honda CR-V has very bold looks and is the most compact crossover SUV available. It is very evident that Honda has attempted to make it more car-like and has succeeded. What this has done is made the new CRV sportier. Tweaks to the A pillar and the centre of gravity has bolstered the performance. The grille and headlight cluster adds to the aggressive and sporty stance. The changes, though radical, are functional even from the engineering aspect.

The engine choices on offer are the 2.0l and 2.4l. The 2.4l version also comes with an automatic. This rightly brings with the manual transmission which is really smooth with assured silky, short shifts. This really stands out apart from the good power output from the engine which is 143bhp for the 2.0l and 161bhp for the 2.4l. The ride quality acts as the litmus test to show the car-like dynamics it displays. The body roll observed in common crossovers is more car-like. It does not have a rugged appeal though and from inside is very silent.

Overall it is a good package and value for money with the features that accompany the impressive ride quality. The contemporary styling and neat arches are head turners. A fine cruiser for long drives wherein you can expect 12kpl and around 9kpl within city limits. The 2.0l version could give you a tad bit more on the mileage front.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Used Cars for Sale – Find Second Hand Cars for Sale

There are many things that one should consider while searching for second hand cars. Everyone dreams to have a personal vehicle that is brand new but if you buy pre owned cars that are just like the brand new ones you put aside on a lot of money. At present, used cars are turn into a trend and people are becoming wiser to have second hand cars rather than spending huge money on purchasing brand new cars. To purchase cheap used cars is always a smart choice as you are saving on lot of cash that can be employed on other important areas. The best part of purchasing used cars is that you cannot make a distinction in a second hand car and a new one. The quality and looks are well kept and you can enjoy the ease of a new car.

There are different friendly dealers available in the auto market that deal in the cheap used cars for sale. You can even believe on purchasing a used car online. Rest assured that you know complete details related to used car that you are going to purchase. The information that should be looked before spending in the used cars is:
  • Consider everything related to the model of the used cars.
  • Get complete details related to the payment criteria and options offered.
  • The earlier proprietor of the vehicle and for how long the car was in utilizes.
  • The value of the second hand cars for sale is another area of concern. 

There are some well popular car dealers in different cities of India those give the best pre-owned cars for sale. You do not have to anxious about the condition of the second hand cars as they ensure that each car undergoes repairing and also ensure for any sort of wear and tear and obtain the car in perfect state to be sold out. Before you take your used car home just make sure you have taken a test drive and search for all significant things such as engine effortless start, tyres and bonnet requires being in good condition. The next significant thing is the settlement alternatives that are offered with the dealers to buy second hand cars. Used car dealers have a lot of choice to make your shopping for used cars easy and without any hindrances. Check out different classified website to find best car for own.